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Bezzle Mystery Jewelry Bundle

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$50.00 USD
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$30.00 USD
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$50.00 USD

The Mystery Boxes are Backkkkkkkkk! Our Mystery Boxes were a Best Seller because who doesn't like a surprise? How surprised you'll be to get any one of our earrings in the Bezzleme Collection and do not have to be indecisive about the earring you want? If you have purchased from us before, we already know which ones you purchased so there will be guarantee NO repeat of jewelry.

Wait! We added a spin to our mystery boxes! What if there is one piece of earring you just gottttt to have in your box? You get the option to write in the comments section only 1 PIECE you want in your mystery box! That's just a perk. The rest will be perfectly picked with love by Bezzleme. 


Included in your jewelry bundle will be:


  • 5 beautiful earrings that you can wear on a date night, vacay, work or entrepreneur's event, brunch, & a special event. 
  • A beautiful box crafted with your name! 
  • 3 pieces of chocolate kisses ( cause who doesn't love chocolate with their surprise)! 

The picture is just an example of the earrings that could be in your mystery box! All boxes will be different!