" Bezzleme Come Scoop" Jewelry Scoops


If you are a person that wants your zest for your buck then you are in the perfectttt place! Jewelry scoops offers you an opportunity for some of the best seller and quality earrings to be scooped into your bag! Just imagine all of the jewelry pieces you've been eyeing magically get scooped and put in your bag! If you loveeee surprises than you would loveee to see what's scooped in your bag for you to go outside with this year! You will not regret your decision when you purchase! BEZZLEME DIDN'T HOLD OUT ON THE FAVESSS! 


Here's everything you will need to know for the JEWELRY SCOOPS! PLEASE READDD! 


  • BEZZLEME will use a bowl or bucket that has all the cute jewelry goods. I will PUBLICLY (IG & TikTok) SCOOP YOUR ORDER INTO A BAG SO YOU WILL SEE WHAT YOU GET.


  • YOU can purchase now and then BEZZLEME will video scoop your jewelry order so that it is fair to you as a Bezzle Beauty. 


  • THE BAG IS A 4*6 JEWELRY BAG that the jewelry will be scooped into so it's definitely worth a bag full of jewelry. 


  • IF you are not on social media then add your phone number when you check out and I will personally send you a video 🥰

  • If a jewelry piece that you already have or two of the same pieces get chosen. You can pick any piece from the bucket because it’s 100% customer satisfaction.
  • ALL in ALL it will be so fun to get some quality earrings that if you purchase separately would cost you close to $200! This is a limited time deal you shouldn't pass up!