CHARMS ARE BACK FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! With a purchase amount of $30 and over you can get a charm trinket for FREE!  After you add $30 worth of items in your cart, you can then add this trinket as you do not need a discount code for this free gift! Just add it to cart! You also have the option to purchase for $25. 

The trinkets are pre crafted, but you will be able to choose if you want this trinket in the form of an anklet or bracelet. You also get to choose if you want smaller charms replaced with girly and/or letter charms. (Ex: if there are three small charms on the trinket, you can replace with three small charms of your choosing) THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, you are always welcomed to leave the charm trinket as is! 

Due to limited stock, DESIGNER CHARMS cannot be exchanged! Designer charms are the largest charms on your trinket.


Thank you for your support & we look forward to assisting you! If you have any questions click the bubble on the bottom right hand corner to send us a message and we will reach back out to you at our earliest convenience. 


PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR TRINKET TO PROCESS AND 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR SHIPPING! IF AT ANY TIME we are sold out of a charm we will contact you so please ensure you provide the correct contact information.