About Us

Since a pre-teen fashion jewelry and accessories has been my muse! I could not leave the house without the smallest of earrings. If I did forget, jewelry was always in my purse! The only downfall was that I suffered from skin rashes and irritation due to the quality of the jewelry metal. In 2016, I wanted to develop a side hustle for women to be able to wear jewelry all day without skin irritation. Overtime my side hustle became my passion and drive to become a full-time entrepreneur! Bezzleme is not just a wave it’s a Lifestyle. 

Bezzleme focuses on women who have the desire to enhance their fashion inspiration looks, event stylings, and brand presence with hypoallergenic jewelry. Bezzleme's goal is to ensure women wear their jewelry in style and comfort. Women should normalize luxury fashion jewelry without having to break the bank or their skin. Women should also utilize fashion jewelry for travel, weddings and other special events, brand videos, photoshoots, and fashion shows! Jewelry from Bezzleme is made to enhance fashion trends, natural beauty, and chic desires. Enjoy shopping with Bezzleme as the art of jewelry aims to ensure you feel gorgeous with every jewelry piece you own!